Reflection: Saishwar

Pre-Camp Reflections

1.What interests you about this project? 
It involves me to do a lot of thinking as I have to know some physics and it involves some architectural components. 
2. What do you want to learn by doing this project?
I want to learn how water towers are constructed and the practical physics involved in making it.
3. What questions do you have about this project?
What is the physicists main job in any construction?
4.What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project?
I want to achieve some basic understanding of what physicists do. 

Plenary Sessions Reflections

Lecture about Earthquake studies:

I learnt about how they use their various observations such as the corals in the ground to know when tsunamis or earthquakes have occurred in the past. I also learnt how they predict when earthquakes will occur so that they can save more people in areas that will be affected. I also learnt about how they use gps stations to know how much the earth has moved during earthquakes. 

IT for animation:
I learnt about how maths is used in movies and the type of softwares used to make 2D animations easily. I also learnt the process of making the 2D animations. I learnt how they convert 2D animations to 3D animations. I also learnt that everybody can be an inventor but we have to take the first step to make it big. The disadvantage of this is that it costs lots of money and it is very time consuming.
I learnt about how they use nanotechnology and how it will be used in the future for many things. It will allow us to do more detailed things in the world and so we can change colours of objects, redirect light. 

Reflections on Applied Project Challenge: Your Accomplishments
1. Discuss how the project has deepened your understanding and broadened your awareness of the selected discipline.
2. It has taught me about how we should apply various physics that we know to our daily lives and to be flexible in what we do. 
3. What do you now understand about this discipline that you were unaware of at the beginning?
I now know about what exactly a civil and environmental engineer does daily and how he plays a role to the community. 
4. Describe how what you have learned from doing this project can be connected to what you are learning at school.
It has taught me to think out of the box and use other means to complete our tasks rather than what is in the subject. 
5. Describe how you can apply what you have learned from doing this project.
I can use the skills that I learnt in school in topics like physics and ADMT to express my creativity in various ways. 

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